As you know, the sterling work done by John Ellis and the Canal & River Trust team under the Let’s Fish banner continues to impress.

Many ATA members are now involved in some form of support for this participation initiative, and we thought an update was required.

As of our last update on 24th February, a total of 64 kids registered for 2024 running of the National Angling Celebrations event within the first 24 hours of tickets going on sale.

This phenomenal start represents a 36% increase on last year already, and ATA would like to thank those involved so far. For members who are unaware of the Let’s Fish program, you can find out more here. If you know a club or organisation who would like to put some junior anglers forward, the booking links for both days are as follows.

Day 1:

Day 2:

More information about this year’s National Celebration event being held on the Shropshire Union canal on 14th and 15th September 2024 follow this link.

For information on the Daiwa Global Communities celebration taking place on the Shropshire Union canal on the 19th October 2024 follow this link.

The UK canals network is one of the most extensive fisheries the industry has to offer. In the face of current trends towards highly stocked stillwaters, our canals remain a viable and valuable alternative for competition, clubs and general recreational angling.

To find out more about what the UK canal system has to offer the industry, visit the CRT website and its fishing information page HERE or contact CRT lead John Ellis via

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