ATA has reported on the Catchwise program before back in April 2023, and now, with the initiative in full swing, we would like to draw your attention to this vital work again.

As a partner in the Catchwise program, ATA supports and promotes the work being done by research and technology company Substance, who are running this vital social and economic survey across England and Wales for charter boats and shore anglers.

The Catchwise survey will eventually show the importance of recreational sea angling to our coastal communities, shedding light on the positive impacts to both the local economy and the individual mental health and wellbeing of sea anglers.

This data collected will be vitally important for making decisions on sustainable management and development of marine stocks and we aim to share the results with you when analysed.

Dr Sam Hook from Catchwise said: “We are pleased to report that data collection for Catchwise is well underway, and we have completed Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 for the charter boat and shore surveys respectively.

“Our audience for this project is any recreational sea angler that has been fishing either on the shore, private boat, or charter boat in the last 12 months in England and Wales.”

If you would like to promote Catchwise, ATA has some readymade social media assets that provide content for posts, leaflets, and posts. Any social media activity that can be used to generate interest and boost data collection will benefit this cause.

If you would like this information, to share these across your organizations and contact lists please contact ATA via .

You can find more information about Catchwise via the website here and with a downloadable FAQ asset here.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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