Why Join The Angling Trades Association?

With an unswerving commitment to the fishing tackle trade, the Angling Trades Association helps to organise and promote major national initiatives to increase angling participation.

All anglers buy tackle, bait and clothing throughout their lives and this is why stimulating the recruitment of new anglers has always been a core activity of the association.

The trade needs a voice to government and the ATA provides that voice, giving representation to the interests of the trade at national and international forums.

A single voice speaking for the interests of the angling supplies trade, the ATA is a powerful lobby for economic and social policy.

The ATA provides a forum where members can network, meet other members of the trade and share experiences to advance their own business and careers.

ATA Membership Benefits

the Market

Encouraging more people into fishing through initiatives like National Fishing Month & Take A Friend Fishing.

Researching the Market.

FREE access to participation and receipt of ATA Industry Surveys designed to keep members up to date with angling trends.

Access to market development data from planned research programmes.

Retail Financing Packages

Omni Capital Retail Finance can help retailers grow business by offering credit facilities to customers. Manufacturers might also recommend this scheme to their retail accounts to enable increased turnover.


Affiliate membership of the Croner Group for advice and a free Business Support Helpline. ATA members can get free advice from qualified professionals on tax, VAT, PAYE, payroll, employment and personnel, health and safety, legal and commercial issues.

your business

Free advertising on this website with a free link to your own web presence.

Free advertising on the ‘Get into Fishing’ website.

ATA membership listed free in UK Tackle Trade Directory.

Exchange Service

South West Foreign Exchange Ltd offers ATA Members a bespoke foreign exchange service.


Access to lobby UK and European legislators.

your market

Access to safety posters for fisheries, safeguarding and child protection advice for all.

Developing business
skills & services

Affiliate membership of the Sports and Recreation Alliance

Regular sports industry updates for ATA members.

  • Must be substantially engaged in the supply and/or promotion of the angling industry, angling products and/or services within the British Isles.
  • Must sign the Code of Practice in the application form.
  • Must operate as a bona fide and ethical business.
  • Must normally have been trading for at least a year.

Must be proposed by a member of the Angling Trade Association of at least twelve months standing.

The Angling Trades Association Ltd is a Company limited by guarantee and owned by its members.

A General Meeting of the ATA is normally held once a year for all members to air their views. To be an effective mouthpiece for its members your comments are vital and encouraged.

“Angling needs the ability to affect change and protect both the interests of the sport and angling industry long term. The ATA provides gives us that ability and provides that voice”.

The ATA Membership

The ATA organises its own administrative and membership services, ensuring that overheads are minimised and the majority of membership fees are ploughed back into the industry protecting, promoting and developing the trade.

Membership starts from just £100 a year

Apply to join the ATA

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Frequently asked questions

Who runs the ATA?

The ATA works hard to serve the angling trade. We are run by our members for the benefit of our members, the angling industry, the fisheries we use and the sport of angling.

Is the ATA involved in angling participation?

Yes. The ATA is actively engaged in recruitment and angling participation via National initiatives such as Take A Friend Fishing, angling shows and through individual member sponsored events.

How will you help to promote my business?

The ATA works in conjunction with several partners including Angling Trust, Environment Agency and others to tackle issues such as lead and plastics and push for balanced effective and sustainable management of fisheries and fish stocks.

“It’s important to be involved with the ATA for the future of fishing and the overall angling trade, if all the brands and industry work together and share ideas we can overcome any obstacles and achieve great things.”