Since the introduction of its first scales in the late 1920s, Reuben Heaton has gained a reputation worldwide for accurate reliable and weighing equipment and Reuben Heaton scales are now regularly used for high-level competitions and world record claims around the globe.

Over the last ten years, the company has also supported angling events where length rather than weight has been the preferred method of determining results. During that time, the company has designed and manufactured its own fish measures to suit the requirements of the competition arena.

Its latest commercially available measures utilise the same designs as use for the current competition circuit. The result is a range of British made fully calibrated competition level fish measures that will be available through angling retailers for the first time.

The new measures are backed by same warranty and aftersales service as their renowned scales and weighing accessories and are designed to achieve the same reputation for accuracy and reliability as the scales at all levels of competition including IGFA world record requirements.

Anglers will be able to purchase the new fish measures safe in the knowledge that they can be accepted by event organisers as accurate and compatible with both visual and app-based recording processes used by event organisers and record committees.

Each batch of printed FM measures is checked using traceable calibrated measuring equipment ensuring an accuracy greater than 1 part in 500 (approximately 0.1% of range).

Manufactured from durable reinforced non-stretch vinyl with high-contrast UV stable inks, the measures offer good readability especially for competition adjudication where photography, in all weather and light conditions, is the common method of recording fish capture.

A positioning guide for correct fish position also appears on the new measures making them compatible with the standard European left to right competition format and all measures are manufactured using wipe clean non-absorbent materials for ease of maintenance and prevention of disease transfer.

Developed in conjunction with event organisers and event app designers and ratified by numerous events, both national and international, these latest measuring products from Reuben Heaton provide the perfect complement to their well-established scale products.

Selected FM measures are available in an adhesive format, fully laminated, UV stable and made from non-stretch non-absorbent material backed with waterproof adhesive. These adhesive-based measures will appeal to anglers as they will adapt to most measuring board and unhooking mat designs as well as individual own-build applications.

Development of the FM measures range is now an ongoing process. The aim, to build a comprehensive measuring equivalent of the renowned Reuben Heaton scales range, that will provide anglers and event organisers with a selection of products to cover all their measuring requirements.

Retail prices start at £16.95 rising to £26.95 for the current top-of-the-range model.

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