It is noticeable in recent times that angling is gaining recognition for its many benefits to society and the individuals who pursue this most engaging of pastimes.

A kick start from Covid pushed that appreciation of angling to the surface with even the most experienced taking time out and realising what drives them to pursue the gentle art. A raft of television programmes both new and rerun sprinkled with famous faces both past and present has genuinely reawakened many to angling’s true values.

Those in the know, and they are many, appreciate the many positives associated with angling, and a few like Sue Galloway are determined to pass on that enjoyment but in the main, such work goes unnoticed by the outside world, with only immediate benefactors and fellow anglers to confer their applause.

To be recognised in the King’s Birthday Honours is no mean feat, and it is always a  good thing to witness recognition true worth in someone so to see Sue Galloway being awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) for her services to young people and to disadvantaged communities.

Sue Galloway, an angling coach, originally from Zimbabwe, moved to the UK in 2002 and now hails from Long Buckby, Northamptonshire. Ms Galloway is a freelance angling coach who works with young people, particularly children from diverse backgrounds and those excluded from school.

Sue started fishing in Zimbabwe at the age of three. Tutored by her father, Sue developed a passion for angling and that passion has led her to teach and encourage young people to try fishing.

“I’ve made it my mission to try and encourage more girls and more women and more people from diverse communities to get engaged in fishing,” she said. The news of her award was “a shock to start with, but think it’s really, really great and I feel appreciated and loved”.

In 2021, Sue became the first female participant from an ethnic minority background in the Ladies National Angling Championships so her talent for and achievements in angling is long standing.

This is the type of devotion that angling will ultimately need to reclaim its place amongst the top pastimes and for the many behind the scenes, this is finally true recognition indeed.

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