Over the last few months, ATA has seen a steady increase in membership as its new drive for industry growth begins to gather pace. Current chairman and Reuben Heaton owner Andrew Race commented on recent events.   

“Over the last 12 months, ATA has started to see far more interest from the trade in terms of new membership. We have started to become more relevant to more businesses as our development plans unfold”.

“The last couple of years have presented a range of challenges to the industry both in terms of boom and bust. Supply difficulties coupled with Covid, and the cost-of-living has impacted business models setting new challenges to management and the bottom line. ATA’s attitude, driven by business decision making for business outcomes, has started to appeal to more and more companies who are genuinely concerned about the way the industry invests in its future”.

Recent additions to the ATA ranks include Bauer Media with Angling Times, Fishery Management Ltd retail and fly fishing venues, Thomas Turner, Angling Spirit and Simba Rods to name a few.

Growth is also being achieved with several organisations coming on board as associate members. From Tackling Minds to the Institute of Fisheries management ATA is now beginning to develop the wealth of knowledge and representation that it needs to grow.

At the recent AGM meeting, five new board members and two honorary members were elected, giving voice and energy to ATA planning and policy making for the future.

“I think the difference between ATA and other organisations is that we are focussed on outcomes that benefit both angling and the industry. The ATA board is made up of anglers, business owners and managers from some of the industry’s biggest names. With a knowledge and attitude for both business and angling, ATA has the ability to focus on what is good for angling knowing that what we invest our time in will improve our business.”

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