It’s finally here, the ATA has launched its first newsletter for many years and here’s why it matters so much.

The email-based newsletter titled Angling Trades Aspect will go out every second Tuesday in the month and is primarily designed to boost communication between the association and its members.  

ATA chairman Andrew Race stated: “Awareness of what ATA is doing is key if our members are to have confidence in their association.

“Prior to my involvement, this was sadly lacking and members were left to wonder what exactly was going on. Since 2020, Covid and the post Brexit era have put more emphasis on increased communication, with ATA regularly sending out important information on changes to laws and business practices and hopefully Aspect will enhance that benefit”.     

As well as providing a scheduled vehicle for some of those vital business communications, Aspect will also update members on current ATA work and future developments, giving members the opportunity to benefit from the work being done.   

ATA chairman Andrew Race said: “As ATA projects have developed so have the opportunities for member brands to be at the forefront when it comes to sharing the limelight. Probably the best example of this would be the NFM 2022 project where, with members’ support, we significantly increased the scale and impact of NFM. Licence sales in 2022 have been hit by the cost of living but despite that, junior licences have shown an increase in 2022 and I think this is a direct result of our interventions through NFM and TAFF. ATA members should be rightly proud of their achievement.”

The new Aspect, we hope, will also provide a social focus for members, celebrating the work that members do in the angling community and their success stories, winning awards and investing in the future of the industry. Aspect will also provide a B2B service between members, creating awareness, linking business to events and shows and promoting member activities to ATA media partners and service providers.

ATA is engaged on several fronts from the National Angling Strategy to work on highly protected marine areas. Aspect will keep members posted on wider developments that could potentially impact on business long term, with a view to encouraging more involved dialogue at the monthly work group meetings now scheduled for the third Tuesday in each month.

We look forward to your input.

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