Thanks to the support of members, ATA was able to fast track development of the new NFM and TAFF web sites to include data gathering and boost engagement with the new NFM “celebration of angling” formula.

With a much bigger operating budget this year, ATA was able to fast track some of the developments destined for NFM 2023. Thanks to contributions from leading ATA members, features such as licence data and image gathering were included on the newly built NFM and TAFF web site platforms.

With the move away from a purely event-based programme towards a celebration of angling, the potential for registrants to interact was expanded via several downloadable assets and a handbook greatly improving the experience for those new to angling. Weekly themes such as species identification and wellbeing were enhanced by downloadable logbooks, species charts and other elements.

Angler journeys were further supported throughout the month by weekly themed mailers which proved highly successful with open rates exceeding 50% throughout the month. The launch of our annual NFM photographic competition was also made possible, a feature which we hope to expand on in 2023 and beyond.

A full breakdown of the data and figures achieved by NFM 2022 will shortly be made available to members, along with some overall figures showing the full impact of our efforts in conjunction with EA, Canal & River Trust, and Angling Trust during the NFM programme.   

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