The Angling Trades Association is promoting sponsorship opportunities to support the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme, which works to reduce the amount of tackle and packaging plastic waste going to landfill or simply being discarded.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is new UK legislation set for 2023, which will see the full cost of collecting plastic and household waste shift from the taxpayer to producers.

Airflo lines recently started working with the ANLRS to provide customers with real options to recycle old fly lines rather than add them to the increasing problem of landfill waste.

Working with Viv Shears of the ANLRS, Airflo was able to quickly establish that its PVC Free fly lines were suitable for the unique recycling methods used by recycling partners ReWorked.

Now, in a bid to grow the scheme, the ATA has produced a ‘shopping list’ of opportunities the industry can support, from staff costs to vehicles, office costs to recycling bins and dump bags, not to mention litter pickers and bankside clean-ups.

More than 320 tackle shops and over 150 fisheries in the UK have already signed up to offer recycling bins for their customers, keeping discarded fishing lines away from wildlife and waters.

A full list of sponsorship opportunities will be released shortly.

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