Angling Directs NFM Bag for Life

Angling Directs NFM Bag for Life

Angling Direct has joined the 5p bag scheme… but with a big difference. In conjunction with the Angling Trades Association (ATA) – of which the company is a member – ALL proceeds generated from sales of Angling Direct carrier bags will go directly towards supporting National Fishing Month (NFM).

The scheme also aims to reduce the discarding of single-use plastic carrier bags within the angling trade, and the litter associated with them, by encouraging people to re-use their bags when they go shopping. Angling Direct will soon be introducing their own version of the hessian ‘Bag for Life.’ Again all money raised will go towards National Fishing Month.

Naidre Werner, NFM Co-Ordinator and ATA Chair commented: ‘It’s fabulous that Angling Direct is supporting National Fishing Month in this way and I am very grateful for their commitment. Without a doubt, the money raised from this idea will contribute significantly to the NFM coffers and hopefully encourage other members of the trade to come up with equally creative ways of supporting what is angling’s largest participation initiative.’

Darren Bailey, MD for Angling Direct added: ‘As enthusiastic members of the Angling Trades Association, it made sense to support National Fishing Month. Participation initiatives like NFM are designed to attract newcomers into our sport and with more anglers; there is greater protection for our fisheries and the ecosystem in general. Attracting new anglers means more future customers and so it makes perfect business sense to generate money that can be donated to this type of initiative. Over the next few months, the team at Angling Direct are taking a much closer look at how we can help grow our sport, as it is vital that retailers, manufacturers and organisations work together to protect our futures. Over the next five years, Angling Direct will run out a number of grass roots initiatives that underpin the growth of the angling community, support the environment and demonstrate our commitment to business growth and our employees. ’

National Fishing Month 2016 runs between 22nd July and 29th August. Further details can be found at

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