One of the main aims of any trade association is the promotion and development of careers and career pathways for the industry it represents.

ATA now works in partnership with many organisations and businesses across the angling spectrum, from governments and associations to retailers and angling clubs and, in doing so, it is ideally placed to generate networking opportunities and facilitate awareness around employment.

One such working relationship is that between ATA and Substance, the market research and technology company behind the latest sea angler survey, a 12-month project that starts this June.

For their part in this project, Angling Trust is currently advertising for a coordinator to help manage this FISP-funded sea angler survey. Candidates will help to manage delivery of the face-to-face element of a shore and private boat survey including contractor regional surveyors and volunteer citizen scientists delivering that survey activity.

This is an exciting and important survey for angling and the post is well funded. Prospective candidates can access information about the role via this link. Ideally they will need to be able to manage research delivery and understand the context of the research being done.

Further positions for a surveyor and roles on a contractor basis to deliver the actual surveying and volunteer roles over the same 12-month period are also forthcoming and ATA will be helping both Substance and Angling Trust to raise awareness of the opportunities being offered in connection with this FISP funded project. Do you want to help Substance and the Angling Trust deliver this important research on the ground? If you are interested in either of these roles, please email

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