At a well-attended board meeting on September 19th, ATA chairman Andrew Race highlighted the rapidly increasing remit of the association and with that growing workload and expectation from other industry stakeholders, the time to strengthen ATA’s workforce was now.

During 2023, the association and its brands have yet again evolved significantly, and backed by more investment, continued to widen their remit, increasing both visibility and the role that they play within the industry.

As the UK angling trade represents an ever more significant part of angling participation investment, ATA has sought to evolve its brands to match the requirement that those initiatives and operating structures require. This has inevitably lead to a much wider engagement as the association tries to add value to those ventures it has invested in.   

Due to the increased workload generated by this ongoing development of ATA’s structure, the association has begun actively recruiting staff and this month sees the latest advert for a full time central lead role in the sales and marketing of ATA and its brands.

This will be the first full time senior role advertised by the new look ATA, and see the successful candidate working closely with the chair, vice chair and board members as the association embarks on its next three-year plan.

The new role comes into play at a challenging time when the overall angling industry business model is evolving rapidly, and angling engagement continues to prove difficult to stimulate, but this move demonstrates the commitment shown by ATA board members towards the future of the industry.

Both ATA and its brands must also evolve to remain relevant to and supportive of both the UK and wider European market. Both Take A Friend Fishing (TAFF) and National Fishing Month (NFM) are widely regarded by industry stakeholders as key to the success of the recruitment and engagement process.

A full job description can be viewed on the latest ATA web site page at

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