Promotion of a healthy angling environment is a vital part of ATA’s work and its forthcoming industry standards will now incorporate the latest in fisheries practices thanks to a partnership agreement with the Institute of Fisheries Management. 

“To protect, represent and promote the angling trade” – that is ATA’s mission statement and it is no coincidence that protection is foremost in that statement of intent. Like most anglers, ATA is fully aware that healthy water and fish stocks are vital components if we are to maintain a prosperous industry.

A vital part of ATA’s work to promote that healthy angling environment will be contained in its new codes of practice and industry standards. Currently in the process of redevelopment, the new standards will now incorporate the latest in fisheries practices thanks to a new partnership agreement with the Institute of Fisheries Management (IFM).   

ATA are proud to be working with the country’s foremost authority on fisheries. This new collaboration will see ATA standards benefit from the latest scientific research and fisheries practice across both fresh and saltwater and help it to develop information streams and a support network for fishery owners across the country. 

Established in 1969, the IFM is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the advancement of sustainable fisheries management. The IFM boasts a formidable knowledge base with fisheries industry professionals from all sectors including fisheries managers, regulatory and research bodies, fishing and angling organisations and water companies as well as fish farms and educational institutions.

“With representation at many levels within government and conservation bodies, the IFM is well placed to help ATA strengthen its working relationship with UK government. This type of cooperation at all levels gives the industry the ability to educate and positively influence the situation for fisheries and fish stocks long term”

“The IFM has branches across the UK and offers its own fisheries training education system. Coupled with that are many events throughout the year, from national conferences to small branch visits giving fishery owners and managers the chance to access vital services and information that can grow their business and play a vital role in its management” said Andrew Race, ATA chairman.

As well as working with the IFM to develop industry standards, ATA will support the IFM to promote awareness of the work it does and the services it offers. Particularly of interest are the many hundreds of small to medium (SME) fisheries that make up the backbone of the industry. Unlike bigger concerns, SMEs are less able to recover from the damage of affected water and or fish stocks. Providing easy access to information and physical support is vital at this level.

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