The cost of a fishing licence in England and Wales looks set to rise over the next three years – however this will be the first rise in six years.

The proposed charges have been announced by the Environment Agency and are set against the backdrop of consistently falling income in the last year.
The proposal would see a full annual licence for trout and coarse for two rods rise from £30 this year to £33 next April, then to £35.80 in April 2024 and £36.80 the following year.

A full annual three-rod licence – often bought by carp anglers – would rise from £45 a year to £49.50, then £53.70 and, in 2025, £55.30.

A full salmon and sea trout licence would go from £82 currently to £86.10 next year, increasing to £90.40 in 2024 and then up to £93.10 the following year.

One-day, eight-day and concessionary licences would also see prices rise each year however junior licences (13 to 16-years-old) would remain free.

The EA says the increases will enable it to improve services for customers, deliver its main duties including law enforcement, better fish stocks and habitats and provide an emergency response to issues while stabilising sales by funding activities which promote and make angling more accessible and enjoyable.

The EA also claims it will provide further investment into partnerships to maximise licence income by attracting match funding to boost the sport further.

It says concession rates would remain at a reduction of a third and that, for almost 90 per cent of customers, the annual fee rise would not exceed £3 in each of the first two years and only by a further £1 in 2025/26.

It is now inviting comments and objections until November 18th and has been communicating the proposals throughout this week.

Once the period for objections has closed, the EA will write to those who have had their say, explain their reasoning and inviting those commenting to rethink their views.

Objections not removed will be passed to the secretary of state at DEFRA to assess the level of opposition to the planned charges. If accepted the increase will come into effect from April 1st, 2023.

In England, you can object here: with a copy sent here:

In Wales you can contact, sending a copy here:

Full list of proposed charges

Licence typeLicence CategoryFrom 1 April 2023From 1 April 2024From 1 April 2025 onwards
Non-migratory trout, char, freshwater fish (coarse fish) and eelsFull annual£33.00£35.80£36.80
Concessionary annual (2)£22.00£23.80£24.50
Junior annual (3)£0.00£0.00£0.00
8-day temporary £13.20£14.30£14.70
1-day temporary£6.60£7.10£7.30
Full annual 3 rod licence£49.50£53.70£55.30
Concessionary annual 3 rod licence£33.00£35.80£36.80
Salmon, migratory trout (sea trout), non-migratory trout, char, freshwater fish (coarse fish) and eelsFull annual£86.10£90.40£93.10
Concessionary annual (2)£57.40£60.20£62.00
Junior annual (3)£0.00£0.00£0.00
8-day temporary£28.30£29.70£30.50
1-day temporary£12.60£13.20£13.50


For customers wishing to object they should write to the following:


The Freshwater and Migratory Fisheries Team, Shellfish and Aquaculture. Domestic Fisheries and Reform. Seacole Building, 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF or e-mail to be received no later than 18th November 2022 and must send a copy of the statement of objection to The Fisheries Officer (Rod and line), Environment and Business, Environment Agency, Horizon House, Deanery Rd, Bristol BS1 5AH or e-mail


Welsh Government, Marine and Fisheries Division (Rod and Line Duties), Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NQ or to be received no later than 18th November 2022 and must send a copy of the statement of objection to the Fisheries Advisor (Rod and Line Duties), Natural Resources Wales, Tŷ Cambria, 29 Newport Road, Cardiff CF24 0TP or email

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